And So They Speak...

You've read in past blogs that the ghosts of Goodnight Lane like to move or hide the belongings of those who work inside. The grips and crew also had their belongings tampered with, specifically their keys. You see, the ghosts seemed to think it was funny during filming to take the keys to all of the utility vans used to hall equipment. There were several used and many of the staff had keys as well as master sets that were all kept in a specific location, but our ghosts managed to, well, take them all at the same time. This happened more than once and usually late at night so that someone would have to stay late after everyone else went home to wait for a locksmith to come and make new keys. One evening when just such an occurance had happened, one of our crew members, Barry was the one designated to stay late. He was alone walking through the building when he had the strong feeling that he was being followed. As Barry moved through the halls out into the parking lot to wait for the locksmith his sense of unease grew stronger. It was out in the parking lot that it happened. As Barry turned his back to the door he heard the voice of a child calling his name, several times over and over. He had the urge to turn and see what he thought would surely be a ghostly child in the doorway waiting for him, but he would not. He walked to the van and waited for the locksmith, never knowing just what was waiting in the building for him.
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