Dancing to the Music

Our studio composer Amin has had more than his fair share of experience with ghosts at Media World. It seems they like music and love to be around Amin and the music in his office. One evening while playing a new song on the guitar in his office with Bob sitting in to listen, the temperature in the room dropped steadily without anyone changing the thermostat or the weather changing outside. The more he played the more an energy picked up in the room and that is when it happened. Bob noticed it first and pointed it out to Amin but made sure to tell him to keep playing so that it wouldn't stop. Balls of light, white light, were collecting and whirling around the room. They would come out from behind Amin, spin around the guitar, fly past him and around again as though dancing to the music. Bob actually had his Iphone with him at the time and managed to get a video of this amazing happening. But once the music stopped, the dancing light stopped, just like that.
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