It Happened To Me

When first brought onboard to cowrite Ghost of Goodnight Lane, I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical. Alin had me come to the studio and gave me all the background information that was needed to get started, but I was yet to have any real interaction with a ghost.

It wasn't until we were on set that things started to happen. One by one I heard stories from different crew members of happenings that didn't seem malicious, but still were enough to make anyone uncomfortable.

One day I was wearing a blouse that had a scarf hanging down the back of it. As I came in that morning, several of the girls had picked up the scarf from behind and complimented me on it while I was standing still or talking to someone. Later in the day everyone was in the front of the building filming. The entire back half was closed off with all the lights off. The front bathroom was blocked completely. One of our newer crew members came up and asked my quietly if there was any other bathroom he could use that wouldn't disturb filming. So, I took him to the back of the building, both of us tiptoeing all the way so as not to disturb sound and not turning on any lights.

On my way back I didn't think much about anything as I knew my way through those halls. It hadn't bothered me to walk through them with the lights off because even though it was dark it was daytime.

As I walked past the closed door of Amin's office, where a large amount of paranormal activity has taken place, I felt my scarf pulled on from behind as it had been all morning when the other girls had stopped me to compliment it.

I turned expecting to see Amin coming out of his office or another of the staff standing in the hall behind me, but the hall was empty. The hall was dark and completely still. Amin's door was shut and not being closed as though someone was going in.

It had never opened. I was alone, or as alone as you can feel when something reaches out of the darkness to touch you for just an instant.
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