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How the Screenplay Came About

About eight years ago, I had moved back to Dallas from Oklahoma with my family and was shopping a screenplay. With no agent and a lot of nerve I started cold calling production companies that caught my eye.  As luck would have it, Alin Bijan was nice enough to read my screenplay and agreed to meet with me.  At the time my project wasn't something Media World was interested in, but we figured out pretty quickly that we thought a lot alike.  We immediately started bouncing ideas for movies off of eachother.  Alin has an enthusiasm that is infectious.  You can't help but get excited when you are around him.  It is incredible how that applies to the many different aspects of making a movie. 

For me it was the energy he was able to inspire in me to write that made me say yes when he called and asked if I wanted to help write the horror film that he had an idea for.  His timing couldn't have been more perfect.  A severe back injury had just put me in bed for an extended period of time.  My brain was screaming for something to do and Ghost of Goodnight Lane was the perfect creative outlet. Alin and I jumped in head first. 

We started with a long phone conversation.  He told me about all of the very real ghostly encounters that had happened at the studio.  Then we talked about ideas that we wanted to incorporate in the story. Then I went out and did a few walk throughs of Media World, when it was raining, when it was getting get a feel for just how creepy that place can really be.  Once the writing started, Alin and I would go back and forth every couple of weeks.  Some material changed and some stayed the same.  We would read things and discuss what direction the story needed to go from there. 

I have to say, Alin is the most patient man ever.  He never gave me a hard time if I was late turning in pages.  For a mom of four kids, that makes the juggle ten times easier.  He used to tease me about the time on my emails always reading three a.m. or midnight, but that was always when I did my best work.  My daughter met Alin once and said, "That was weird.  You guys talk the same Mom and you answer each other in sound effects".  Alin said it was important that I be on set when we filmed the movie so that I could learn as much as possible and boy was he right!  The head of each department had so much knowledge to pass on. 

It was a truly amazing experience.  And being able to meet such incredible people as Matt Dallas, Billy Zane, Lacey Chabert, Danielle Harris and all of our Dallas cast was an absolute joy.  Richard Tyson from Kindergarten Cop and Black Hawk Down was a real crack up.  I am so grateful to Alin for letting me be a part of his team for this amazing adventure. 
It has been a blast!

What Did Investigators Find?

On April 16th , 2011 when the field study group from the Association for the Study of Unexplained Phenomenon arrived at the Media World studios they had no idea what they might find. This group has over the years developed a method of investigating that has been accepted by many others, including the groundbreaking creation of a system to categorize and classify Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

Twelve investigators cautiously approached the rooms one by one. From the minute they entered the building, the investigators started having run ins with the ghosts. Joy turned the corner and stepped into the office and thought she saw someone standing in front of the desk. When conducting the EVP session, she asked, "Did you get real sick?". She saw a bright flash of light outside the office between the reception area and the bathroom. In different parts of the building footsteps could be heard, as well as scratching on the walls and the sounds of people working in rooms that were empty. Many of the investigators reported feeling sick to their stomachs in certain rooms and even having hot flashes and dizziness in one of the rooms. Many of them got headaches in certain rooms as well or felt heavy. As Berkley came into the kitchen he saw a man duck behind the fridge. When he asked, "Do you understand what I am asking of you", he got a positive response. Joy had an extreme feeling of being watched in the kitchen and the temperature varied from 74 to 78 degrees. As they were leaving the kitchen, Lacey saw a shadow go from the sound studio into Alin's office.

It seems that the spirits in this building are drawn to music. The majority of the activity is in the recording studio. The temperature in there dropped five degrees while investigators were in it. There were wheezing noises coming from the recording booth while footsteps could be heard from the adjoining hall and offices. When Joy and Sophia were in the recording studio a male voice said "No" and there were technical difficulties with the camera. Berkley saw flashes of light on the walls in this room as well.

From Alin's office there was a tapping on the glass as well as the sound of a guitar playing when they checked for signs of the paranormal. The temperature fluctuated between 73 and 81 degrees and Sophia saw an apparition of a young man.

On the sound stage there were breezes and feelings of electricity reported as well as someone getting pulled on while walking up the stairs. Once they were in the upstairs room the investigators asked aloud if someone had pulled on them and the response was, "Yes". The EVP audio recordings also picked up a number of interesting responses. Berkley asks, "Is someone tapping on the glass", and then you hear, "Get the feeling". Brenda asks,"Can you speak for us" and the response heard on the recording is, "I don't know". Joy asks, "Did you hear something" and a deep voice responds, "Yes". At one point Sophia says, "Sitting down" and you can hear someone say,"Hey". At another point Brian is talking about seeing something and a voice says, "Hang it". Renee also picked this up on her personal recorder. Joi asked "I guess you want to hear some music" and the response picked up on the EVP was ""No. Bitch".

It's enough to make anyone's hair stand on end. And these weren't the only investigators. The paranormal activity inside Media World has been found in many different forms. There has been audio, visual, temperature, physical touch...there are so many ways to describe the many different things that have happened in this building. In the coming months we will have the actual audio recordings, video of paranormal events and interviews of staff that have come in contact with the spirits themselves. Don't miss it!
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Where It All Began

As many of our Ghost of Goodnight Lane fans have already heard, this movie had its beginning not in fiction or fantasy but in the true events that have occurred in the building owned by our production team on Goodnight Lane. From ghostly apparitions to things flying across the room, it has been no secret at Media World that there are ghosts about. On April 16th, 2011 the Association for the Study of Unexplained Phenomenon brought their investigation team to Goodnight Lane.

As preparation to their visit, the investigation team that has studied the likes of Mothman and Amityville, did quite a bit of research. The Dallas County Appraisal District listed the acreage upon which Media World stands as part of the William M. Cochran Survey. Mr. Cochran and his family were the third family who settled in the area back in 1843. William and his family had a log cabin near the site that is now Media World, but only lived in it for two years, moving closer to Bachman Creek by 1850. While they did farm this land, unless it was a servant or care taker, nobody lived there again until the late 1800's.

According to historical maps, there were two permanent homes located on the land at that time. One of the homes was owned by Joseph and Theresia Hurley who lived there until 1930 when they moved to Waxahachie. The other home was owned by Alfred Scheidecker, an immigrant from France who died of pneumonia just a few short miles from where the building now sits. Mr. Scheidecker had no close family and so was staying at the home of friend Will Gravely as he could no longer care for himself.

The closest home to the present day Media World building was the Taliaferro family farm. Together, Warren and his wife Nancy Ann had six children. Dennis Ayers died in infancy; Jefferson Blackman died when he was eight; Mary Ruth lived only a year; Newton Webb Taliaferro lived to be twenty two but died of blood poisoning; Herbert Warren Taliaferro born, December 21, 1878 died May 28, 1962; Maggie May was born September 29 1886, and was living in Dallas in 1975.

Sometime in the 1940's Herbert Taliaferro sold his family property to developers and the present day house was built here on Goodnight Lane in 1948 and by 1951 this land belonged to Central Building Corp. Unfortunately, the online records skip to March 11, 1963 when the property belonged to L.J. Carter. Carter then sold the property to Joe and Joy West in 1969. The Wests sold the property to William Carson and Jeanette Debra Bryant On October 3, 1978. And the Bryants sold the property to Herald Pink, from whom Alin Bijan purchased the building, in 1985.

As with any location, there could be plenty of deaths that could have occurred on the land that happened long before recorded history. But as for what we know about that particular piece of property it seems that the people who likely passed away while living there were Alfred Scheidecker, Warren Taliaferro, Nancy Webb Taliaferro, Dennis Taliaferro, Jefferson Taliaferro, Mary Ruth Taliaferro and Newton Taliaferro.

So all you Goodnight Lane fans out there, it's easy to see how we got our Ghostly beginnings. With a historical background such as ours, it's no wonder we have so many paranormal visitors to our offices and set every day. Stay tuned for more on just how we put together this spooky movie about something not so fictional after all.
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