November 29, 2011 Posted by amy in Blog

Danielle And Her Ghost

Danielle Harris recently won best actress at Shockfest. On the set of Ghost of Goodnight Lane she definitely carried her weight with some heavy hitting, blood drenched, scream worthy scenes. I was lucky enough to get to sit down with Danielle in an interview to find out a little more about her and the paranormal she has experienced in her many years as the "Scream Queen". While Danielle did not have any run ins with our ghost on set, she did mention something I wasn't expecting. Her own house is haunted. Apparently there is a spirit in her home that has gone so far as to turn on the fan in the middle of the night when she was in a dead sleep. Or turn on the lights when she was asleep. This same spirit liked to turn the volume up and down on her radio going from barely audible to blaring loud. One evening, Danielle happened to be entertaining friends and was telling the story of her paranormal visitor when the radio did exactly what she had said it would. As many would be, her guests were skeptical. But believe it or not, Danielle not only proved her point, she was able to tell the ghost what to do. Find out more on the special features behind the scenes of Ghost of Goodnight Lane and see just how much control Danielle Harris has with this ghostly being in her home. Just what all would it do to make itself known to her friends? You will have to wait and see...but even I was surprised.
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