November 14, 2011 Posted by amy in Blog

They Love Tara

We all know and love Tara from the Ghost of Goodnight Lane production staff, well apparently the ghosts were quite found of her too. From the minute Tara stepped foot into the studios our other wordly friends had fun teasing her with their paranormal ways. One day while Tara's three nieces were visiting one of the ghosts decided to go so far as to grab hold of her desk and give it a good rattle and shake while Tara and her nieces were sitting on the couch in front of it. They also like to play pranks with her plants. She had certain spots in her office for her plants, but a certain ghost would move them, far too often, in front of the door. Tara would put the plants back where they belonged only to find later in the day another was right back in front of the door. Their favorite thing to do to Tara was to pop in front of her pictures. Many times she would take pictures on set and our little friends would show up in a ghostly glow on her camera phone. They especially like to prank her by covering the faces of those she was trying to take pictures of. The thing that weirded Tara out the most was a particularly quiet day on set. She was in a far back office on the computer and had some files pulled up on the computer. She left briefly, just out of the room. Nobody went in or even near the office. When she came back to sit down she found that someone had searched on her screen. Someone had searched for Lady Gaga on her screen, by her original name. Now it is no secret that our ghosts like music. But now they were hitting the computers to search for tunes!
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