October 28, 2011 Posted by amy in Blog

Don't Laugh at the Ghost

One night after filming five of us were sitting in Tara's office chatting. Amin had just finished telling us how he had been in that very office trying to take a nap one night when the ghost had flipped the light switch on and off. We all did what most people would do I imagine, we laughed and joked about the possibility of a ghost turning lights off and on. And that is when it happened. The sound of glass shattering so loudly that it seemed it had exploded startled all of us in the room. We ran into the hallway and started asking everyone what had been dropped or broken. What was strange was that nobody else heard the noise. None of the people just outside the office door, none of the people down the hall, none of the people in the costume department above us heard the shattering glasss. So we searched the entire building, all of us sure that some large piece of equipment had been broken. But we found nothing. Every room was fine. It wasn't until we had made our way all the way around to the front bathroom that had been empty at the time, shut up and dark. When we opened the door we found that the light fixture that had been there since the original bathroom, tight in the tile had been ripped out of the wall. It wasn't loose at any point earlier in the day, but now it was torn out of the wall and the mirror was shattered along with the soap dish broken. This was a something that would have taken any normal person two hands to pull it out of the wall. Yet nobody heard it except those of us two doors down who were making fun of the ghost. We learned our lesson that night...don't make fun of the ghost.
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