The Costume Department

During filming, the girls in charge of the costume department got to see first hand just what a prankster our ghosts could be. Apparently, these spirits thought it quite funny to take pieces from costumes here and there and pile them in the corner. Now, sure it doesn't seem scary...but it is odd. When things go missing for quite some time and then all end up in a pile in the corner, yes, that is odd. The other thing that happend up there was to Jamie in costume design. You see, Jamie wore an apron every day that she carried her supplies in...various safety pins and what not that she would need to fix costumes throughout the day. In the front pocket of that apron Jamie always had two five by seven pictures of her kids so that she could pull them out for a little smile whenever the days got long or difficult. But they always went right back into the apron pocket. Well, one day Jamie reached into the apron and there were no pictures. She searched and searched and couldn't find them anywhere. She asked the others to help and even after ripping the costume department apart, they could not find her precious pictures. Somebody in the building had mentioned to Jamie that when things go missing, if you will ask for them back you can have your items returned, but she had blown it off. But Jamie wanted her pictures. So, when nobody was around she asked the please give her the pictures back. Not long after that she left briefly for some small task. When she returned one of her pictures was laying face down in the middle of the room. She bent down to pick it up and couldn't believe it. In amazement Jamie tucked the single picture in her apron and went about her day. Later that day, in the same exact spot, the other picture was found laying face down. Were the pictures returned by the ghost as Jamie had asked? Is it possible to lose something and find it again twice in exactly the same place? It does make you wonder.
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